Online test to check if EasyMorph is too difficult for a new user

We’ve published a new webpage that contains a test (puzzle) that can be used for new (non-technical) users to verify if EasyMorph is too difficult for them to learn.

I wanted to ask the Community members - how does the test look to you? Would it do its job? Can you give it to someone non-technical and see if they can pass it?

The test doesn’t work on my mobile device. Besides, I think it is a good test for users to get a first idea of the tool. :+1:

The last one should be “<=” , shouldn’t it?

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Worked really well for me - will give it to the wife to test!

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Test works well.

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This tests looks fine and entertaining. You way want to include more things like that in a bigger training program. Like at the end of your tutorial you can put a list of exercices => that's what I did for my company (inside Klaxoon)

Of course I'm also thinking of having the EM desktop directly inside the browser but there I know I'm dreaming :slight_smile:

Whatever, good job !



Can I suggest to have an example that start with an Excel file.

Thanks everyone for the feedback! Did anyone try to test it on a non-technical person?