One drive "static" links

currently I am sharing my onedrive business folders to run same projects but different users.
the issue is that whenever we ran a project and another user ran it previously I need to rebuild the import sources again:

c:\user-X\company domain\user-y AAA folder\BBB folder\CCC folder\report.csv´

Is there anyway to create a static folder and not rebuild all the time?

Thank you.


Hi Jorge,

We are not very familiar with OneDrive.
Can you please elaborate why you need to rebuild the import source?


Onedrive is Microsoft’s cloud storage solution. Similar to Dropbox of Google Drive.

I have the same problem.
One can sync your Onedrive folders to your local drive.

I build an Easymorph solution to imports an Excel file from the local copy of my Onedrive folder.
Hence the first part of the path above "C:/user-X/…

When I want to run this solution from the end user’s computer, I have to change that part of the path to "C/user-Z/…

Would be great to find a way to link to the folder in the cloud directly. Then the path should not change…

Hi Hendrik,

Thank you for the explanation.

Does user-X folder name correspond to Windows username of the current who is running EasyMorph project?

If yes - you can try to use a calculated parameter with a system(‘user’) function to calculate a user-specific folder name.


Hi Andrew,
For example I am the master of the One drive, so all files goes to my one drive, so in my case

for a specific file, my url looks like

C:\Users\me\OneDrive - XXX\folder - Team\Product\Articles\file.csv

If my colleagues updates sources via his shared folder that I authorized him:

My colleague’s link

C:\Users\my_colleague\XXX\me - folder - Team\Product\Articles\file.csv

Thank you.


Hi @jmarques -

I’ve had a similar situation. Share that folder or file to the easymorph server or the machine that is running it. That will be your static path (since it lives on that machine) .

Once the job runs to update or the other user updates the file it will sync through OneDrive and you should be all set.

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