Office 365 - daemon app - OAuthv2

i have my c# sharp code working like the following example, Configure daemon apps that call web APIs - Microsoft identity platform | Microsoft Docs

it is a console application that uses a office 365 app to give the program permissions of the account that generated the app. it is using an appid with a secret to authenticate, then use that token to work with to update users in email groups and what not…

i tried a few things in a web connector, but could not get it to work - i don’t have a redirecturi nor is there a place to put the tenantid in


would this type of setup be possible with easymorph? thanks

Hi @rlanard ! Web Location connector supports only interactive 'Authorization Code` flow (that’s why redirect URI), and if I’m not mistaken ‘confidential client applications’ in Microsoft terminology uses ‘Client credentials grant’ flow which is not supported by EasyMorph.

You can try and manually re-create this flow using plain POST WebRequest actions, parsing responses etc as according to

I suppose after one-time admin consent you can get your token later in one go with single POST request:

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