ODBC to MS Access error: Too many client tasks

I am having

ERROR [08004] [Microsoft][ODBC Microsoft Access Driver] Too many client tasks. ERROR [IM006] [Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] Driver’s SQLSetConnectAttr failed

error when I try to query MS Access database through ODBC connector with “Other SQL” dialect and I have tried with “Microsoft Access” dialect and still getting same error.

It started to happed after our easyMorph server got upgrade to 5.4.1
Please advise


Hi @bolud,

Can you please answer the following questions:

Which ODBC driver version are you using?

Which action gives you that error?

Does that connector result in the same error in EasyMorph Desktop?

Which version were you using before the upgrade?

I am sorry, I was wrong. the task did work after upgrade of easyMorph server. SO I am guessing there might be actually too many connection with ODBC on the server. I will find out the version of the ODBC and update here.

    "Attribute": {
        "Driver": "C:\\Program Files\\Microsoft Office\\root\\VFS\\ProgramFilesCommonX64\\Microsoft Shared\\Office16\\ACEODBC.DLL",
        "APILevel": "1",
        "FileExtns": "*.txt, *.csv",
        "FileUsage": "2",
        "Setup": "C:\\Program Files\\Microsoft Office\\root\\VFS\\ProgramFilesCommonX64\\Microsoft Shared\\Office16\\ACEODTXT.DLL",
        "ConnectFunctions": "YYN",
        "DriverODBCVer": "02.50",
        "SQLLevel": "0"

Do you still need our assistance on the issue?

The action that is having this error is “Import from database” simple select * from [TABLE].
It is happening only during particular time range. from 1PM till 4 PM.

I can only guess the must be some other tasks in some other spaces might be using number of ODBC connections.

Is there a way to know how many tasks are using ODBC connection at given time on easyMorph server?

And it is working fine when I run same task in Desktop easyMorph.

You can scan the projects using the “Project metadata action” to collect connector names from the projects. Then join this information with the Server journal which contains the names of the projects in executed tasks (if I remember it correctly).

In addition to the solution proposed by @dgudkov, I would like to mention the ODBC tracing feature.

It’s not a user-friendly solution. It creates a very verbose log with low-level ODBC commands. And it seems that to make the tracing to write timestamps to the log, you have to use a custom tracer DLL. But it can capture all the ODBC activities on a computer. So if you decide to use the tracing, I can give you some pointers on its usage.

Thanks @andrew.rybka I will ask our IS&T team to check the ODBC log.