ODBC Connection Hanging

There are two issues… 1. When we run a job the job stuck in a running state. How can verify that the ODBC connection is causing the issue

  1. We tried to connect the journal to database as well. And the connection seems to hang

What does the job attempt to do using the ODBC connection?

Also, try updating the ODBC driver. Make sure you’re using 64-bit ODBC drivers with EasyMorph because it’s a 64-bit application.

The job is trying to write to a database, it works on desktop but not server. The server ODBC is the same as the desktop and is 64-bit.

What database are you trying to write to? How many rows are you trying to write?

An Azure SQL database and I’ve tried anywhere from 5 rows to 5K and it still hangs up.

What EasyMorph version are you using?

Is the latest version of the ODBC driver installed?


@andrew.rybka will join our call today to investigate the issue.