OAuth2 - SmartRecruiter

Hi Dmitry

I am in the process of setting up oauth2 connector to SmartRecruiter.




Redirect (not sure about this)

ClientID - got this

When I click on Authorise, it log into Smartrecruiter and I am asked to allow access. When I do that, I get error 404


Any suggestions?


Everything is OK, except the redirect URI. This should be


Something like this should work:

Thanks, Olysak.

I still get the same error.

This redirect URI should be both entered in Easymorph WebLocation connector and registered with Smartrecruiters during application registration step. The value of redirect_uri passed to SmartRecruiter must exactly match the values you entered in the DataConnector window, including upper/lowercase, terminating slashes, etc.

Probably you have to change redirect_uri setting in SmartRecruiter to match one in Easymorph. Looks like you have to send a corresponding request to the Partner Operations Consultant you have started working with to do this.

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Thanks, Olysak.

I will do that

Hi Olysak

I am stuck - can’t get this to work.

I contacted the partners. I was advised that I do not need to register an application as I am developing it for one client. They indicated I only need my client_id and client_secret and that I do not need a redirect URL.

They also advised me to go here:

And scroll down to:
“Client Credential flow” section:

Still getting 404 error.

Any other suggestions?


Hello! Are you solve this issue? I have the same and have not idea what I should to to fix this 404 error. Thank you

@Maxim_Abramovich - yes I got it to work.

I used web location with API key, not OAuth2
Base Url: https://api.smartrecruiters.com/
You need to create the Toekn and API Key in Smart Recruiter