Oauth2 login details

Any ideas on how to deal with Oauth2 if customer can’t share their login credentials for the application?
They can’t enter those details themselves in EasyMorph. Any thoughts on how to deal with this?

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OAuth is specifically designed to be used in situations like this. When you use OAuth for authorization, user credentials are not stored in an application being authorized (this case, in Easymorph). Instead, user is being redirected to target application website (like, to Gmail or Google Analytics) and then - if user agrees - Easymorph receives an authorization token from a foreign service, that is, a code which declares user permission and intention for Easymorph to act on user’s behalf - for a limited time and in a controlled manner. And this token only is stored inside the application, not the user credentials themselves.

Easymorph has support for OAuth: ‘generic’ WebLocation data connector has an OAuth option, all Google-related connectors are obligatory OAuth, and some OAuth-enabled applications (like Pipedrive) have an option to use OAuth too.

Thanks for your answer. What I mean is, customer is not familiair with Easymorph, and they would need to open Easymorph to achieve this. would there be a way to achieve without without customer having to use Easymorph?

You mean, something like - customer completes OAuth process somewhere on their own and passes resulting tokens to you, for you to save them as an authorization result? If my guess is correct, then, unfortunately, I don’t think this is possible. OAuth process could be only initiated by the Easymorph application.

oke clear, thanks!
Any other suggestion maybe? Something outside Easymorph?

Unfortunately, I can’t think of a way this could be done. For Easymorph to obtain authorization tokens, the whole sequence should be initiated by Easymorph only (specifically, by the Easymorph desktop app).

Hello! I find myself in the same situation, it would be great to be able to do what @ArendP suggests, a solution outside EasyMorph for this.