Number of rows icon


Sometimes I use a tab that has lots of workflow tables to check whether a record breaks a number of data quality rules, and I need to know whether a given workflow has any rows at the end (thus flagging records with data quality issues). However to do this I need to click on the last action of each workflow to check, which is a bit annoying.

What would be great is a new action that shows the number of rows within the workflow itself.

Something like:



Hi Alistair,

Sometime next year we will converge tables and charts in workflows. It means it will be possible to switch any workflow table into the chart/crosstable mode.


Would that work for you?

PS. It's possible to derive a cross-table from a table even today, but that would require creating additionally as many cross-tables as there are tables to monitor, which is, of course, less convenient. Such cross-tables can be put into a separate group (tab).

Alternatively, you can build a summary table that would append counts from multiple tables with data quality checks.