No new notifications when a task fails with the same error

Since v5.0, the error emails generated by the Server contain the following note:

If the task keeps failing with the same error, no additional notifications will be sent until it runs successfully and fails again.

While this allows for less clutter, in many circumstances it is useful to receive the same error message multiple times. Before v5, if a run failed and we already passed the time of the next run without receiving a new error message, this indicated a temporary issue that has been resolved automatically. With v5, without monitoring the Server environment directly, we newer know whether a run didn't generate an email because it ran successfully or because the error message remained the same as the previous run.

Could you make the new behaviour optional, e.g. via a Space- of Task-level setting?

Thank you for explaining the case, makes sense to me. We will add an option to manage the notification behavior.

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Hello Dmitry,
is there any news on this request? I just found a task that appears to have failed for quite some time, a situation of which we weren’t aware as we keep relying on the task failure mails to monitor their status.

Hi again

I just read this in the release notes of v5.2 - looks like I have to plan a version upgrade :wink:

Yes, we’ve added the option you requested in 5.2 :slight_smile:

Make sure to back up your Server machine before updating to v5.2. There were many changes in Server. We’ve thoroughly tested them, but just in case.


Sorry, but I cannot find this option in my EM Server.

In Notifications tab I only have the connector and the recipientes. Where do I choose the frequency of notification errors?

Fábio Samji

Hi Fábio,

The frequency of notifications is configured for each space individually in the space settings.


Thanks =)