No more error files

We have some projects that we we run via a commandfile:
For example in a run.cmd: “C:\Program Files\EasyMorph\Morph.exe” /c “C:\MORPH\PROJECTEN\KR\RUNALL.morph”

In the past when something was off (a file was locked or missing) there would be an error txt in the same directory (C:\MORPH\PROJECTEN).

We have a script that checks if there is an error txt, if so it sends a notification.
Now we’ve upgraded to 4.0.1 and we are missing the error txt.
Is this a bug, or is it working in another way?

Example of an error in the txt file:

20191102004929 Command line: “C:\Program Files\EasyMorph\Morph.exe” /c “C:\MORPH\PROJECTEN\KR\RUNALL.morph”
Project C:\MORPH\PROJECTEN\KR\RUNALL.morph ran with errors:
Error: Value ‘’ missing in column [Complex].
Source: Action “Replace” in table “VHTObject naar Inrichtingen” in project “C:\MORPH\PROJECTEN\KR\7.20VTHObject dump IGeO view.morph”

Another test: in easymorph this fails (intended).
But in cmd it says project run without errors.

Hello @IGO and welcome to the community,

It seems like a bug from our side. Thank you for reporting it.

We will investigate it further and get back to you.

The bug has been fixed. Please download the updated version from our website:

Great thnks, will install this one!