No e-mail if the task was called via API call (call triggered by other task). Server version:

can it be that the e-mail notification is still not triggered in this server version if the task was called via API call, i.e. by another task?

The task shown failed. However, no e-mail came

…seems still to be the same Problem like this …

@[reynsnivea]: would you upload an example to fix it? :wink:

wil this be fixed in a further Version?


Hi Adrian,

This is not a bug. Currently, email notifications are only sent when the failed task was triggered by the scheduler. No email notification in case of any other trigger (API call, manual triggering).

Hi Dmitry,
thanks for reply.
But how do I then get to know when projects called by other projects (after successful completion) fail?

Should I use “Call another Project” instead of “Server command” for this cases?


Even the “Server command” action should return an error if the triggered task fails so it’s not really different from the “Call” action in this regard. Unless you select the option “Don’t wait for completion” because in this case, the other task is triggered in the “fire & forget” mode.

Hello Dmitry,
thanks a lot for advice. I think that was the problem.
best regards,