💡 New, simpler way to derive tables

In version 5.4.1, we’re going to introduce a new, simpler way to derive tables. The goal was to make deriving tables easier and self-evident for new users. The selected table now has a visual “pin” on the right. When the pin head is clicked, the menu for derived objects is shown.


The “Derive table” button will be removed from the “Main” toolbar (it will remain in the “Design” toolbar).

What do you think of it? Any feedback, suggestions, or ideas are welcome.


Nice idea.
I always use the context menu for “derive table”, but this option is more intuitive.

That is a brilliant idea !

My right click says thank you!

One of the superiorities of EasyMorph and its uniqueness is its ease of use and learning. A big congratulations for this new idea. :+1:



To activate the pin, we must first activate the table by clicking on the title bar then move to the pin then clic again to get the contextual menu then choose in the contextual menu.
Couldn’t you add the pin in the title bar near the minimize/maximize buttons instead ? This way with one move and one clic we can activate the contextual menu. Aside this pin maybe you could add a button to show the table annotation as a post it


Annotations as post it above or below tables, I like it very much, even if it’s only in the diagram view.

Seems to me that annotations are mainly used for HTML documentation but less during design, that’s a pity. Imagine you open a project you really don’t know, there are a lot of tables displayed, you feel lost. But with the diagram view you have a global view of tables and if you add table description in that view, right under each table for example, everything should become clear.

Also I don’t remember if there’s an automatic placement of tables but if tables could be automatically re-arranged with their description, good size to have space between tables, respecting dependencies in the good order it would be also fine.

About a week of use of the new EM 5.4.1 I kind of miss the old derive tables, don’t get me wrong the new UI way of creating a Derived table is nice and has some benefits but i surly like it. But it has also some downfalls:

  1. When creating a large horizontal flow the “+” button is hidden by the application on the right because there is no padding right. You first have to drag the table back to the left until you can get to the “+” and then place it back. Adding some padding to your most right action would be handy in lots of instances
  2. I often split my packages up in imports and transform groups. There is now option of deriving a table to an existing group so you first have to: Derive it => Copy it to the Transformation group => Remove the first derived table. Is there an easier way of doing this?

You don’t need to bring back the big old “Derive button” but a derive action under the “Add actions” would be a nice one, and fix both my problems.

Thanks for the suggestions, Daan.

The “plus” button is intended to help beginners. For those who already have some experience with EasyMorph, I suggest using keyboard shortcuts. They can be very convenient once you get used to them! For instance, press Ctrl+D to derive a table from the currently selected one.

In such cases, I usually press Ctrl+D to derive a new table in the current stage (group), and then press Ctrl+M to move it to an existing stage. Or Ctrl+Shift+M to move to a new stage.

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