New Release: Iterate Web Request Parallel Calls

I just wanted to say that I am very happy with the new parallel request setting on Iterate Web Request action in the recent update. This is showing itself to be fantastic for me.

I have been dealing with an external API that I need to write to and update every day. My dataset typically contains about 4000 records and it was taking about 7 seconds for the external API to process each request. I tried to combat this time requirement by building parallel tables with multiple web requests. I could never get Easymorph to process more than 3 request tables in parallel even when I switched to a PC with additional cores. Overall it was taking my Easymorph project about 3-3.5 hours to complete each day.

With this new parallel setting, I can have the max number of requests go at a time and throttle the max number of requests per minute in the connector to the max allowable by the platform of the API I am using. This is allowing my project to now complete sub 25 minutes as opposed to 3 hours +.

This has been an absolutely fantastic enhancement for me. Thank you very much!!!


Thank you for the feedback, Sean! It’s a real joy for our team to read things like that :partying_face: