New easy morph version and Easy morph server

Hi Easy Morph team,

What are there things we need to keep in mind every time we load a new version of easy morph in terms of its impact and working on the server. We have to refresh some connections on desktop version everytime we update easy morph application. Would be helpful to understand how new verion impacts working on the server.


Not sure I understand your questions. Can you please elaborate or give an example?

Also, what do you mean by “We have to refresh some connections”?

Apologies that I was not clear. Let me rephrase - " Are there any changes or modifications that we may need to make to our morph files created on 3.9.X version for them to work seamlessly on the server after we upgrade to version 4.0" This is a general check as we have some auto scheduled work on the server and dont want to disturb that.

Also Sharing the errors I receive - image

Hi Arora,

the error, I believe, is self-explanatory.

As for migration to v4 - please read the Release Notes v4, section “Breaking changes”. If you need a temporary license to roll out a test instance of Server 4.0 (when it will be released) - let me know.

Ah! Correct me if my understanding is missing something : I cannot create a file in EM version4.0 and schedule it on the server till the server 4.0 is released. Implies I should keep continuing creating files in previous version if I want to schedule them on the server.

Its ok and happy to wait but want to make sure - I get it right :slight_smile:


Yes, you got it right.