New Catalog item icons

In the new version (to be released this week), we’ve added a whole pack of new icons for use in Catalog items. The idea was to make Catalog items a bit customizable so that their icons reflect or hint at the item contents (customers, orders, transactions, devices, metrics, etc.).

Here are the new icons:


The icons are displayed in the Server UI of the Catalog as well.

:bulb: What other subject areas should icons depict? Feel free to suggest new icons in the comments below.

First off, good stuff! A couple of ideas that may be feature requests:

  1. When using the Retrieve Data Catalog action, have the icons appear in the list. Today the icons are just a document icon making it difficult to determine if it is a dataset, file or URL.
  2. In the Retrieve Data Catalog action, it would be ideal if the dropdown selection box (dataset,file,url) then filtered the subsequent directory search to only the catalog items that are part of the dropdown box. Today, it shows all items regardless of what is chosen in the dropdown box. (This should probably be a feature request)
  3. It would also be very nice if you could set a default icon based on catalog item type and maybe even more granular. For example, a URL that is a link to a Tableau report could have a default report icon as opposed to a default URL icon. (Potentially another feature request)
  4. Ability to add your own icons. We currently have default icon sets for custom apps, data integration processes, etc. It would be nice if we could add these to the collection.
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