Nested json web request

hi there,
i have a nested json as a result from a web request.
The problem is that I can’t get proper results out of it.
1 line of data results in around 10 lines that I need to combine with each other.
i need to fill down the open lines to get 1 line of correct result. But the problem is that the data is overlapping the next data lines.
A bit complex to explain but below picture hopefully tells more.

How to do this correctly?
I see other tools can just show those nested lines as 1 line immediately without doing all those thing like fill down etc.
I had similar question before but it didn’t give me result like expected, it’s still an issue…

Hi Arend,

The "Fill down" action allows grouping. So, for instance, you can specify in the action properties that you need to fill down in a group specified by data(*).note.

This is fair critique and we're addressing the issue. Right now we're working on improving the JSON parsing algorithm - there will be the "dense" mode that will show all nested values as 1 line which will eliminate the need for filling down. The dense mode will be available in version 5.1.2 to be released in a couple of weeks.

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Thanks for your answer, and very nice that there will be a new solution in the next version!
Keep up the great work!