Nested Json via GET request

The result of my GET request (web API) is a JSON, which is automatically parsed.
I keep struggling to handle nested JSONs.
Any ideas on how to manage like below?

I know I can fill down all columns, and then keep the last column which has all the columns filled.
But if you look at the part where I made the blue rectangle, it will only take the last part of the data. While in fact I need the result to be those 6 unique lines, but all filled with data that also comes after the blue rectangle part.
I hope it’s clear what I am looking for, if not please let me know.

Hi Arend,

which action do you use to pull data from the web API?

It’s ‘Import from Web API’

I would use “Web request” because it doesn’t parse the result automatically. Then I would derive two tables, and parsed the columns in the rectangular selection in one derived table, and the rest of the columns in the other. Then I would merge them using a common key field.