Multiple 'replace' statements in a single expression


I have a table column that contains various colours that have been abbreviated, for example, a single field may contain the string “Rd, Blu, Ylw, Pnk, Pur, Blk, Grn”. I’d like to replace all of the abbreviations in each field with the full colour name, so I’m using the 'Modify Column(s) transformation with the following formula:

replace([Colour(s)], ‘Rd’, ‘Red’)

Is it possible to use multiple ‘replace’ statements in a single expression so that I can change all of the colours in one transformation, i.e.,

replace([Colour(s)], ‘Rd’, ‘Red’) AND
replace([Colour(s)], ‘Wh’, ‘White,’) AND
replace([Colour(s)], ‘Grn’, ‘Green’) AND



Hi Steve,

you can nest replace() functions, for instance:

replace( replace( replace([Colour(s)], 'Grn', 'Green'), 'Wh', 'White,'), 'Rd', 'Red')

Brilliant, many thanks!!