Multi-row formula

Hi all, I’ve been looking for an Alteryx alternative and found easymorph this morning. Just going through ticking off some of the functions we currently use and one that I haven’t easilly found is Multi-Row formula.

I do have a few workflows that use this (with the rows in question grouped by certain other fields) to utilise a value from 1 or 2 rows prior.

Does easymorph have a similar functionality, or have a simple enough workaround?

Thanks in advance for any help, J.

Hi @_JM and welcome to the Community!

EasyMorph tries to keep expressions lightweight and easy to read while moving as much logic as possible to actions. Expressions can refer values in the same row, but not in others. However, you can bring values from other rows (e.g previous or next) to the same row using the “Shift columns” action.

If you need to aggregate values from several rows within groups, you can use a number of aggregating actions: Aggregate, Running Total, Statistical Aggregation, etc.