MSSQL Data From Stored Procedure [DONE]

It would be fantastic to have the facility to fetch data from stored procedure directly in EasyMorph.

At present, I am having to create a series of holding tables for the data from the executed stored procedure.

Hi Daniel,

you can fetch data directly from stored procedures using custom SQL in queries. See below:

More than that – it is possible to use EasyMorph project parameters to specify arguments of stored procedures. For example, in the statement above, the argument could be passed via a project parameter.

EXEC dbo.uspGetEmployeeManagers {ParamID};


is it also possible to call a stored procedure or function via postgresql? (Driver is jdbc)
Here an example via DBVisualizer vs. EasyMorph.
The same call returns an syntax-error in Easymorph.

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DBVisualizer’s syntax is not standard.

Use the standard syntax:

Note that EasyMorph just sends whatever text you entered to the ODBC driver verbatim. It doesn’t do any own syntax checks. If there is a syntax error – then this error is produced by the ODBC driver, not EasyMorph.

Hi Dmitry,
it works great!
Returns just one columns (not a table) but with this i can work.

Very very cool!!!
Thanks a lot!

Good :slight_smile:

Try this syntax to obtain the full table:

SELECT * FROM admin_dwh.database_get_fieldcatalog()
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works of Course :relaxed::+1: