.Morph Files Reverting to Previous State After Save


We’ve been having an issue in our environment where files are periodocally back revving to old versions if we leave the .morph file open for a while. We have an Easymorph license on a RDP server that run a few automated tasks for us. Recently when we leave a .morph file open for a bit, if we comeback even if we saved the file, the workflow will look like we never did any work on it. While we’re certain that this is something that is specific to our environment and not an Easymorph bug, understanding WHEN easymorph writes files will help us troubleshoot.

When we save an EM file in the program, does it write changes to the original file immediately? Or does it cache it and then write to the file on close? We think that there is a possibility that the program is crashing on our end, and that even though we hit save, that EM has cached the file but not written it yet to the file system. What is the process that EM handles file saves?

We’re going to likely have to implement GIT eventually.


Hi David and welcome to the Community!

EasyMorph saves .morph files immediately when the respective command is invoked by the user. Saving is done by creating a temporary file (so that the original file isn’t affected if saving goes wrong) and then the original file is deleted and the temporary file is renamed to the original name. If saving fails on the first attempt there are 2 or 3 more retries.

Ok. That makes sense but blows our theory of why this is happening. Guess we have more work to do on our end. Thanks.

We’ve found a bug in EasyMorph that led to incorrect behavior when reconnecting to an RDP session in versions 5.2-5.3.1. The bug has been fixed. Try the updated version from our website.

That makes sense as this was being used in an RDP when happening. Guess I missed this reply but thanks for following. We weren’t 100% crazy.