More modes in "Trim table by condition"

Hello Dmitry

In this function I have the option:

  • Above first match

  • Below first match

  • Delete the first matching row too

I miss the additional option:

  • Above last match

  • Below last match

  • Above first and Below last match

  • Below first and Above last match

  • Delete the last matching row too

Maybe for the two last option to get not only one condition , the option to get two condition

this would helb a lot to minimize the work for seperating the data from not used header(top/down) or body(Data in the middle).

With my best regards

Hello Reinhard,

You can combine the action with the "Sort" action. If you sort the rows in the reverse order, then the last match becomes the first match.

Also, if you need "Above first and below last" then sort back and apply the "Trim on condition" again.

All in all, you can achieve the desired goal by combining the action with other EasyMorph actions.

Hello Dmitry

Yes, that's right, if I number the lines and then go back and forth in conjunction with the sorting, it also works.

Just thought that if you have such a nice, simple function, you could easily expand it and make life easier for many people.

The question is whether EasyMorph generally wants to stick with simple, easy-to-use functions and then combine them with others to get the result, or whether EasyMorph puts a little more into the individual function in order to achieve the goal with less effort. Is a general question of philosophy.

Easymorph is generally a great tool for me anyway.