Module parameters in text


I must call Magento webservice with parameter.
The module use a parameter to send list of integer.

I must send 1,2 but I send ‘1,2’ or 12.

I test with astext to view issue.

Test with 1,2

Test with ‘1,2’

Paramater is used with action “Import from web API”.

How can I do ?

Suggest :

  • Enable add with an option : log of url called by action

Hi Florent,

EasyMorph treats commas in numeric values as thousand separators and therefore ignores them. Therefore entering “1,2” as a text value of a parameter is not possible. It’s a known issue.

As a workaround, use a delimiter other than the comma, and then replace it using a calculated expression using the replace() function. For instance:

{A} = "1|2"
{B} = replace( {A}, '|', ',') // The result is "1,2".

This workaround is only necessary when a parameter value is entered manually. When a parameter value is assigned in calls/iterations with a value of another parameter or a column, no workaround needed.

If you didn’t know it, you can use the preview pane in “Web request” and “Iterate web request” actions. The preview pane shows the exact URL of the web request.

In the screenshot below you can see:

  • Using the replace() function to create a comma-separate list of integers as a parameter value
  • Using the parameter value in the URL query string
  • The query preview pane

This solution works.
I hadn’t seen the preview.


You’re welcome :slight_smile: