Migrate between spaces

In setting up a dev, qa and production spaces, what’s the best way to move a project from space to space as we work through our project pipeline?


I asked a similar question a while ago. There's no deploymoment pipline for the moment but you can copy/paste tasks from one space to another.

I can keep the connection names the same in the repository, but will it pick up the new connection strings that will differ from space to space?

Yes, that’s exactly the point of connectors in spaces. Two connectors in two spaces can have the same name but point to two different databases (e.g. DEV and PROD). Because of that, when a project is moved from one space to another, there is no need to modify anything in the project to make it work in the new space - it will pick up connectors by name and will keep working, even if the connectors in the new space point to a different database or use a different set of credentials.

Is the name the only thing that needs to be the same? In other words, it’s not relying on some id or guid behind the scenes?

Yes, just the name. The name is the ID.

thanks for confirming!