Merge modified rows in a project

I need to read dara from a CSV and update a MS list with the changes .

Does easymorph has any workarround to do an action lile this?

Thanks so much

Two questions to clarify:

  1. How do you detect a change?
  2. What's the "MS list"?


The Microsoft list is a sharepoint list.

Then the only way that I see to look for changes is to:
-load csv with new data
-load the sharepoint list
-compare both tables
-update and ovewrite the sharepoint list

But I don’t know if this could be achieve in EM

Thanks so much!

It should be doable:

  1. Import the CSV data using the "Import delimited text" action.

  2. In a separate table, import the SharePoint list using the "Import SharePoint list" action. Make sure you checked the option to import the column with row IDs (see below).


  3. Apply the "Keep/remove matching" action to compare SharePoint data with the CSV data and only keep rows from SharePoint that need to be updated.

  4. Use "Merge" or "Lookup" action to update SharePoint data in EasyMorph as necessary.

  5. Use the "Update/delete SharePoint list" action to export updated rows into the SharePoint list. You will need the row IDs to specify which rows should be updated in the list.

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Wow brilliant, I’m gonna test it.
I love more and more everyday Easymorph :heart: