Merge another table with custom suffix for merged columns

I used to be a KNime user and sometimes miss useful functionality.

In the Joiner function there was an option to add a suffix for all duplicate columns, now they are shown with a (digit).


Regards Rob

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EasyMorph adds a number to any duplicate columns and then you can rename the column.

So for your example you would get:

Accountnummer | Relatietype | Accountnaam | Accountnummer (2)

and you could rename the last column to give:

Accountnummer | Relatietype | Accountnaam | Accountnummer (right)

This takes into consideration if you have more than 2 duplicate columns, so in your example what would happen if you added another Accountnummer column, which you may not be able to do in KNime but you can do in EasyMorph either directly or it could be a result of cascading tables where you want to keep the data separate for comparison rather than merge.

Would KNime then create a new column with Accountnummer (right) (right) ?

Does that make sense?

Renaming is an option but also an extra step.

Yes KNime will add an extra (right) in the next join.
Since this is an editable field I use the name of the origin table. Renaming is then not necessary.
This is ideal for debugging, if this goes to production I will exclude the double columns. I always use the original field in formulas.

Hi Rob,

I wonder whether there could be a few options here, with maybe a default you could set in the settings, where it would be as it is now in EasyMorph by default (and maybe the only option in the free version?), and then have more options in the paid, one of which you could set as your default in the setting:

  • append number (default) - current solution
  • add original table name in brackets e.g.
    • fieldname (sourcetablename)
  • custom - with optional variables e.g.
    • (PROJECT)
      • fieldname (PROJECT)
    • (%TABLENAME%)
      • fieldname(sourcetablename)
      • fieldname.sourcetablename_20230731
  • do not execute - would give a warning triangle on the action which would be explained when looking a the action detail

Does that make any sense?!