Merge a Table - Skip if table is empty

Hi Dmitry

How do you preform a merge only if the merge table has values in it?

I use Skip action on condition - but that will skip all actions after the action.



I want to skip action 3 and 4 on this table if merged table is empty


I saw your post

Hi Rykie,

I would calculate the number of columns in the other table, and use it as the condition for skipping.

See the example below. Enable/disable the 2nd action in Table 2 to toggle condition.

conditional-merge.morph (4.9 KB)


Brilliant, thank you Dmitry

I used total rows.

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

PS. Sorry, I forgot to attach the example to my answer. Fixed.

No Problem, I could work it out!

Many thanks for your quick response every time I post a question.
It is great to have such excellent support.