Merge 2 table with calculation

Hello everyone,

Sorry if my question was already asked to the community, but I didn’t find the response on this forum.

I have 2 table with the following data (both imported from an excel file)


  • Site Name
  • Site Code
  • RootPath


  • UserName
  • UserPath

And I want to merge it in a new table with the following information:

  • UserName
  • SiteName

The join between both should be done by the RootPath and the UserPath.
But the data are not formated exactly the same way.
I need to check if the UserPath end with the Site path.

I’m pretty sure this is easy to do, but i can’t figure out how to proceed.

Thanks in advance for your support.

Hello @fslef,

Use the “Match” action to match the key fields before merging. This action replaces a value that matches another value with that value. E.g. if A matches B then it replaces A with B. Matching can be done in the “Ends with” mode.

Here is an example that does matching and merging. It works as follows:

  1. Load both tables into EasyMorph
  2. Create column Root Path(matched) that contains only root paths that match user path where the user path must end with the root path.
  3. Merge table “Sites” into “Users” where Root Path(matched) is equal to Root Path

merge-match.morph (3.2 KB)
Book1.xlsx (8.4 KB)


It Works.
Thanks you.

You’re welcome!