Matching % between two tables

Hi there.

I´m using Easymorph since 2016 and so happy with the new updates.

But I´m missing a funciontality to see when I merge two tables the % of matching ratio. (100% if everything matchs or 97,3%…)

Is there any way to see it easy (without doing an extra development)

Many thanks.

Hi @Urdru76 and welcome to the Community!

At this point EasyMorph has no built-in merge profiling that would tell you the % of matching rows.

Many Thanks Dmitry,

let´s see if it can come in further updates.

Very happy with your tool since the very beguinning.

Великая Иовушка


We’re going to have a merge profiler in one of the future versions.

Thanks for staying with us!