Match - Multiples matches used to follow sort, now random

hi EasyM.

We have quite a few “MATCH” actions.

When there are multiple match options, we used to rely - perhaps unwisely - on an “ascending” or “descending” sort. That followed the model logic we wanted, and it seemed to work - the match always picked the FIRST match.

Now it stopped working. Reading your guide to Match, I know you say it is a “Random” match.

Did the selection engine change under the hood in one of the last updates?

Do you have a suggestion as to how we might solve this. We want to find multiple matches, and select one of those matches based on a sort column in the table.


Hi Rob,

Yes, the algorithm has changed as it now can match by multiple key fields.

If you need only the 1st match why don’t you just keep the 1st match in the lookup table? You can do this by applying the “Enumerate” action to enumerate possible matches for each keyword (group) and keep only the 1st ones.