Managing access to repositories on desktop


We have 1 shared connector repository in EM-desktop.
We have different users that can use that repository.

In the future we want to restrict the access so that some users do not have access to some database connectors.

I see in EM-server that there’s a possibility to restrict users to a space using windows users or groups of users. Should we be using that option putting users in a group, then restricting access to only those users and then in EM-desktop use the “link to server” option ?
Can a user have access to multiple connector repositories (and multiple spaces)

What’s the best setup to achieve that ? What are the different steps ?

Thanks !

A Server space can be configured to serve its repository connectors to Desktop users. The setup is as follows.

  1. Enable repository access for Desktop users in the space security settings.
  2. If the space uses the Active Directory integration, add necessary users and/or user groups to the space.
  3. Users should configure the Server Link on the Start screen of their Desktops. Server Link must include at least one space.
  4. Each user should go to Connector Manager and switch from using a repository file to server space.

The Server Link can be configured to access multiple spaces. The current space of the Server Link can be selected on the Start screen of the Desktop.

Note that the access mode for a space repository has effect on all users that can access the space. If both users A and B have access to a space, it’s not possible to provide access to the connectors of the space only to A but not to B. If you want different users have access to different connectors they must connect to different spaces.

Hi Dmitry,

Thanks for the suggestion.

We have Amazon workspaces (virtual desktops) on which EM-desktop is installed. This is done using a workspace image. Ideally, we would like to configure the server links in such an image but if user A has access to space A and user B to space B, we cannot in advance configure the server links in the image.
For each build of the workspace, the user would be obliged to set the server links manually I guess ?

Or we need to provide an image per user group ?

Any thoughts about that ?

Thanks !

Yes, if server links point to different spaces then they have be configured manually.

Server link configuration is stored in EasyMorph.config.xml, so it might be possible to just overwrite this file in the image with a pre-configured copy. For user A it’s one copy, for user B it’s another copy.