Making all versions of EasyMorph available for download


If I am not mistaking there are only some previous versions available for download.
Is it possible to publish all versions (all builds) for server and desktop ?

Kind regards

Hi Nikolaas,

we don’t support older versions. Why do you need them?

Sometimes I need to run a project on my local desktop instead of our amazon machine. If I cannot install the version that we have on Amazon, I can not be sure that it will also run on Amazon.
Why not the complete version history?

Because we don’t support older versions and it increases overall administration overhead. Also, the 3rd party software included in EasyMorph (e.g. DB drivers, libraries) may have security/reliability issues that are fixed in recent versions by their developers. Distributing old versions where these issues are not fixed would be not correct.

If you need a particular version you can send a request to our support and we will provide a temporary download link.

Running multiple versions of EasyMorph in one organization is not generally recommended. Consider updating all your EasyMorph installations to the same version.