Make date time column


The 4.1 version is WOW !!!
In the date time column transformation, could we have a sequence number generator with the starting date as input :

  • in TM1, the 0 day is 1960-01-01
  • in excel, the day 1 is 1900-01-01, day 0 is 1900-01-00 (???)
  • in some others : 1899-12-31 is day 0…

with the option to add the decimal part (the time) and start from 0 or 1


Hi Christophe,

The Calendar action can generate a sequence of dates in various modes - starting from the given date, ending at a given date, etc.

Adding a decimal part can be done with a simple expression in the Modify Column action.

I’m curious what did you find helpful in this release? Thanks

I was expecting something like that.
The day number from an absolute reference date is useful to compute depreciation\amortization.
But as each software has it own start date, it can be a hell when you have to make the match of the calculation between several systems ( the accounting system of a company vs the financial planning in TM1 vs the Excel spreadsheet of the financial controler)

The Json parse is great, json <-> database transformations drive me mad, there’s nearly no tool on the market able to make it that simple.
I’ll try to load data into TM1 with EM using this feature

date_sequence.morph (4.4 KB)