Make a video about EasyMorph and get paid 🎁

We’re looking to put more educational videos into our online tutorial and on our Youtube channel. I thought it would be cool if someone the Community could make a video or two (and get rewarded!).

Here is what we offer:

  • Create a short video (min 2 minutes, max 4 minutes) for one of the topics of the tutorial (any that you like and which subject you have agreed with us, or just ask us for suggestions).
  • We publish this video in our Youtube channel, and in the tutorial with mentioning your name (unless you prefer to stay incognito).
  • Per each video EasyMorph pays you $300 (through PayPal or TransferWise) AND grants 1 year of EasyMorph Professional subscription. No limit for videos per person. If you make 3 videos - get $900, and so on. EasyMorph keeps the copyright.


  • No prior experience in creating educational videos is required
  • Videos should be narrated in your first language (or the one you speak the most fluently)
  • You have to have a good working experience with EasyMorph. Let’s say no less than 3 months of active use
  • Narration should be clearly pronounced, videos should be easy to follow
  • You will have to provide us with an invoice for your service

For our European users! We look for creators to make videos not only in English :uk: , but also in French :fr:, German :de: , Spanish and Italian :it: (sorry, no other languages yet). After all, near 40% of our customers are from Europe so it would be great to have videos in several European languages for the same topic.

I’ve made a few videos for EasyMorph using Screencast-O-Matic - a simple, inexpensive screencasting tool with a surprisingly good set of features. On average, it takes 2 hours to record a 2-3 minute video. I didn’t have any prior video recording and editing experience. I can definitely say, it’s fun! Pro tip: hearing own voice can be odd, don’t freak out :slight_smile:

If you would like to make a video but for another subject than tutorial – let’s talk. We also have a few ideas.

If all that sounds interesting, send me a PM (personal message) in this forum or email at


UPDATE 10/28/2019
Please do not record videos without reaching to us and agreeing on the subject of the videos first.


Hi Dmitry,
I’ve done some in the past:

But I will make some more!!!

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First user-made video has been commissioned by EasyMorph! A video by @adambeltz is now published in our tutorial:

A few more in the works.

The initiative started bearing fruits. Here are a few videos made by @adambeltz that are already published on our YouTube channel:

Using parameters

How to quickly merge spreadsheets

Loading data from files

A few more will be published soon.

One more video - in Italian made by Luca Carlo Boccasso:

One new video in French made by Michel Baldellon

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Hello @dgudkov,

On the latest parameters video on youtube, why are the comments off? I had a query on that video but cant post since comments are off. how to ask question?


the comments are turned off because we don’t have time & resources to track questions/responses on all the social media. If you have a question about the video you’re welcome to post the question here on the Community forum together with a link to the video.