Loss precision when I export in QVD


I know when I export in QVD, number can loss precision but I would like to known if someone has solution to keep my decimals.


Hi Valentin, and welcome to the Community!

So far, I don’t see in the screenshots any loss of precision. 1.07700 and 1.077 are exactly equal. The two trailing zeros are not meaningful.

There can be a loss of precision when exporting numbers with a very long decimal part (let’s say, 12 or more digits) because EasyMorph uses 128-bit numbers while the QVD format uses 64-bit numbers. But this particular case is far from reaching that point.

Thanks dgudkov !

I’m agree with you, they are exactly equal. I was looking to keep my two trailing zeros. It’s not important right now, was a simple question.

Hi Valentin,

It’s normally just a question of number formatting in Qlikview :

Hello oripert,

You’r right, I’m feel stupid for not having thought of this before. Thanks.