Logging and notification of completed ezmorph tasks

Looking to find a debug or log of completion tasks (how long it took start and end time). When i use ezmorph launcher, i see the scheduled task run and even though i have it marked to show me a completed table, it disappears. If i manually run the task the tab remains open with the table i asked to show me.

  1. How do i get it to log when it launched and what time it finished?
  2. How do i determine if it was successful?


Launcher doesn’t have a log. As a workaround, you can design custom logging by adding the “Export to delimited file” action in the “Append” mode at the end of your workflows. The action would write project name and current time.

Tabs remain open if a scheduled task failed. If a tab is closed upon task completion, then the task finished successfully.

Thank you!!!

Ok I added an export to delimited file as a workaround although a detailed logging addition would be a great addition to the tool haha.

so under the configuration of the launcher, there is a checkbox saying “show results table”. Why is is when its scheduled to launch there are no tabs opened. But when i manually run it from the launcher by just click run the new tab opens with the table even though it was a successful run.



The checkbox only works for manual launches because it makes little sense to show the result table for scheduled (unattended) launches. Scheduled launches quietly start and finish. Tabs stay open only if there was an error.