Log Journal info when event is user.session.started

I am working with the information of Journal to create a monitoring report and I realize that for events = user.session.started, there is not information regarding the space name. It is always empty.
Is it a normal behavior ?

Thank you for your time.

For this event, the space name is only relevant for password-protected spaces, because in all other cases the logged in user is linked to a space.

For users logging into a password-protected space you can retrieve the space name from field initiator_detail when authentication_type='SpacePassword'.

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In my case, it is not a password-protected space, however I find it relevant to know the space name associated to the event as I can have users linked to more than one space. For monitoring proposes it can be interesting to see where the user is working. Of course, many times these events are followed by others that identify the space, but sometimes they are isolated.

Would it be possible to add that information in the future ?

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Most user events (e.g. triggering a task or downloading a file) already link to a space so you can already monitor where the user is working. Logging in is only tentatively linked to a space and only in some cases. It doesn’t seem reasonable to always add a space to that event.

If you notice that any other user event besides user.session.started doesn’t have a space linked (despite being triggered in a space) let us know.

So if you want to monitor user activity by workspace (=team) with users only using the desktop, you can’t. Because you can only monitor the user.session.started in this case and it’s not related to a workspace now. That’s something that looks very strange to me because when you connect to a server, you necessarily connect to a workspace. In this case I don’t understand why we would not have this information in the event.

You say : " Logging in is only tentatively linked to a space and only in some cases. It doesn’t seem reasonable to always add a space to that event."
=> Why is it “tentatively” ? I don’t understand your explanation. When you connect, it’s necessarily through a space isn’t it ?

What activity of Desktop users would you like to monitor?

Yes and no. When a user logs in to a Server, s/he doesn’t log into a particular space because multiple spaces can be available to the user and switching spaces doesn’t require re-logging in. However, all services and resources provided to users by EasyMorph Server are always located in some space. Currently, there are no user-accessible Server resources or services that are outside of a space. Therefore, the user is asked to select a space when logging in. The space is just the initial context of the user session.

So our wish would be to log at least that initial context :slight_smile: As you are putting nothing in this field, why not ?

The need is to monitor “team” activity. A workspace for us is equivalent to a team and generally one user belongs to only one team, even if there are a few exceptions. That simply enables to monitor team activity and not just user activity. This also enables to monitor server as well as desktop, because the session event is used in both cases.

A simple reminder on this.
Is there something that can be done for this topic ?

Thanks in advance!

In the next version, we will add Desktop events to the Server journal. So it will be possible to track when a user connected to a space from Desktop.

No changes will be made to the user.session.started event as it’s not space-specific. You can track user activity in a space by other events, such as downloading a file, or triggering a task.

If you’re interested in tracking other user activity (Desktop or Server), please share a list of events you wish to track.

Hi, thank you for your answer. We wait for next version then.