Loading files of different structure

hi there

just a quick question about loading muli files… for example, 10 x CSV files. I read in the documentation the files need to be exactly the same structure, i’ve tested loading say 8 identical, changing the field order of the 9th and adding an extra field to the 10th, easymorph seems to add the extra field and combine without any errors (all files have field headers). is this correct or do the files have to be identical?

thanks, Richard

Hi Richard and welcome to the Community!

The files don’t have to be identical. The order of columns is defined by the 1st loaded file. New columns will be added to the right as they appear in the consequent files.

The notion of “uniform files” is a recommendation that aims to avoid producing datasets that are difficult to deal with later on.

perfect, thank you… from my testing, it seemed to work… at times we receive many files which need combining, mostly they are identical but you always get the odd one with an extra field etc… this function alone has the potential to save hours …

best regards, Richard

You’re welcome!