List files in SFTP-folder

Is there a way to list all the files in a folder on a SFTP-server ?
I would like to have a check if all my files are correctly oploaded. Or can I achieve this in another way ?

You can try to run ls command on the remote server with “SSH command” action and “Capture output” option.

Good idea ! I forgot this new transformation :slight_smile:

Hey! I am trying to do something similar but I cant seem to make it work. How should the command look like in the SSH command action?

It seems that even when I define my Parameter as ls the project just runs eternally and no output list is created


This is how the action properties should look like:


If the project runs the SSH command action externally most likely the target server waits for some user input. And the is no way to provide that input through the SSH command action.