List files in remote FTPS directory

I have a FTPS location that, from what I can tell, I must interact with via an external program - like WINSCP.

Has anyone been able to script WINSCP to give a list of the remote directory contents in a format that EasyMorph can read/transform? I've been able to have it write to a log file through using a windows batch (.bat) file but it has no formatting, no delimiter etc - just a dump to a text file that has all the FTP connection info in it as well.

I'm open to other ideas but the main issue is the fact that it's FTPS and EasyMorph doesn't natively connect to FTPS.

Typically you would just capture whatever output is produced by WinSCP and parse it in EasyMorph using various actions.

Writing into a log file is not necessary, you can capture the console output of WinSCP right into EasyMorph. See this topic: How to capture results from external applications

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