List action > 100 values


I use the list action a lot for creating mapping tables. Now it is limited to 100 values.
Could this be expanded ? I do not want to create separate files for these mapping tables.
I is nice when it’s directly embedded in the flow.

Thanks !

I use an Excel file with multiple tabs for different maps. It’s not embedded, but it is easier for users to go in and update the maps.

you can create several lists and merge the tables or use the shared memory features

Yes indeed but it would be easier to do it in 1 action :slight_smile:

Agree, but more than 100 values for a mapping may be a little error prone.
In such a case I create a table in the SQLite connection repository and I use dbgate as a user interface for data entry

We will extend the list up to 1000 values. I personally believe that if there are more than 100 in the list then it’s probably used for something we didn’t intend it for, but technically 1000 is still possible.

I support the idea that long lists should be managed in a proper tool like a database or a spreadsheet.

In the future, we will add the ability to link external files to projects, so that when publishing a project all the linked external files get published with it automatically. This should simplify bundling various reference lists and tables with a project.

Thanks !