Leasing License Error from EasyMorph Server

Hi, I’ve got dynamic license with 1 Server and 10 Desktop.
On one of the desktop I encounter error when leasing license from the server :
Can’t lease license due to time disrepancy of more than 30 minutes.
I’ve checked the time on both the desktop and the server and both have same time.

Hi Edward, and welcome to the Community!

Can you please also check timezones on both the desktop and the server? If the displayed time is the same, but timezones are different, their UTC times are also different. And EasyMorph Server checks for discrepancy of UTC times.

Hi @Edward_Quinito

To ensure that your server and desktop machines have synchronized UTC time, you can run the wmic path win32_utctime get /format:value command in the terminal on both the server and client:


Compare the values obtained, taking into account any slight differences that may occur due to both commands being launched at slightly different times.