Layouthandling "WorkingWindow" [DONE]

we have been working with Easymorph for some time now, great tool !!! In the past I worked intensively with Qlik and Microsoft SSIS.
I think a tool consisting of the functionalities of EM, Qlik and SSIS would be a dream. Each has its advantages.
Therefore a question about your planning regarding layout handling for the next versions.
What would suit the tool very well would be a modal window, which one e.g. on a second monitor to edit the current object.

The background is that if you work on a project after some time, you sometimes no longer know what is happening in the individual tables, modules … So you maximize tables, move objects … The created layout is destroyed. There should be an “editing window” Here is a picture of how this could look.

Jump to predecessor, successor, synch, used lookup …

What would be great would be the following functions.

  • Mark, move several tables / objects (Ctrl + Mouse)
  • Zoom (Ctrl + Scroll), Zoom fit the screen size
  • Auto layout, grid

Have you planned to implement such functions in one of the next versions?

That should not be a criticism, EM is real great.

The functions would be verry helpfull.



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Hi Adrian,

thank you for the suggestions. I’m curious, if you know about the full-screen table view? You get there by double-clicking the title bar of an expanded window (or by clicking its maximize button on the title bar)?

Click here…

… to open the full-screen table view

I admit, at this point jumping from a collapsed table to its full-screen view is not convenient - one has to restore the table first, only then it’s possible to maximize it.

Adding the ability to navigate to the source and dependent tables is a totally reasonable suggestion and is easy to do. We can add it in one of the nearest updates.

As for the two-monitor mode. It’s a more tricky question. I definitely see the value of it, but I should also understand how it would work with the high-level overview that we’re going to implement soon.

Auto-layout totally makes sense too and is long due, but it’s challenging to come up with a smart algorithm here. Once we get an idea how to do it right, we will surely do something about it.

Hi Dmitry,

thanks for the quick reply.
Of course I know the full-screen table view.

The point is that the layout of the project should no longer be changed and it is still possible to look at the tables and actions.

E.g. if you look at a colleague’s project you don’t want to change it but analyze the actions and tables.

If there were clever shortcuts for the new “Editing window”, you could even scroll through the project (Tables, Actions) by cursor … and view the individual tables full-screen without change or touch the “Main-Layout”.

In background (MainWindow) the Action you worked on should be highlighted.

I realize that developing such a dialogue is a huge effort but it would be great :relaxed:



Starting from v4.7 it is possible to view a high-level diagram of a workflow and then jump to editing/analyzing particular tables and back. Not exactly as you described but in a somewhat similar fashion:

Go to the Diagram. You can see an overview of the current module and its dependencies. When you click a table, its actions are shown in the sidebar.

Right-click a table and pick “Open to Analysis View”. This will “zoom-in” and bring you to the Analysis View where you can explore data and add/modify actions in the table.

Press “Exit Analysis View” on the toolbar to go back to the high-level diagram.

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