Last run time of a project

I have a set up where I use one project to call lots of other projects.

It would be very useful if for each project we could pull information which indicated its last run time.

That way, we could, for instance, only run projects that have not been run in last day

Any way this is possible ?

Just as a follow-up note, I found a way to achieve the same purpose by looking at the date modified of the output file from the projects. (The data modified does not change on the project itself when you just run it)

Yes, the simplest way would be to just check the last modified date of a file generated by the project.

To reduce the chance of a mistake, I would suggest using a separate file for this because an output file can be accidentally modified if viewed in Excel (if it’s a spreadsheet) or a text editor (if it’s a text file).

Alternatively, you can write a log file with all project runs. The “Export to file” action can append new lines to an existing file.

Here is a sample reusable project that logs every project that called it. Just insert a “Call” action that calls this project into any project which execution time needs to be logged. It creates/appends log records:

2019-Mar-12 16:26:56,D:\Examples\Inc5000\Inc5000.morph
2019-Mar-12 16:27:16,D:\Examples\Inc5000\Inc5000.morph

execution-log.morph (2.3 KB)