Last and average duration of single action

Hello everyone,

it could be a nice feature if it is possible for us to analyze the performance of morph project, using the duration in milliseconds of each actions (with last run value and average value).

This could help us to find the actions that become slow or that takes the majority of the execution time and allow us to focalize on them to make the execution faster.

It’s already available!

Firstly, you can see the action’s execution time when you hover it.


Secondly, you can turn the performance tracing on and EasyMorph will record execution time for every action in a special trace file:

I really need to update to 5.11 …

sorry Dmitry, I’ll check it asap, thanks for the quick reply

Hello Dmitry,

I’m trying this feature, now when the mouse is over an action I can see the last execution time, is it possible to view a table with all actions and relative execution time?

The best thing it would be to have a section when I can monitor the history of execution times of each action, so I can see the trend and trap situations where a specific actions starts to be bad-performed.

You can have another EasyMorph project to parse the trace log that is generated when the “Trace log” option is ticked in the application preferences.