Key not staying active on server

We are having an issue with our key staying active on the server. We can successfully link it to the server and it works all day. However the next morning it is no longer active and we get the message “Key found, but your account is missing.” We then have to link it again to the key to get the server to work again. We’ve tried saving the key in a couple of different folder locations, but it resets it self each morning no matter where we put it.

Would you be able to let us know a solution to this issue so don’t have to continue linking the key to the server each morning?


Can you please:

  1. Open server/debuginfo page and save its content when server shows "Key found, but your account is missing” error.
  2. Reapply your license key and make sure that server doesn’t issue any license-related errors.
  3. Open server/debuginfo page and save its content one more time.
  4. Send both of the saved files to

There is no link to server/debuginfo page in the server’s interface so you’ll have to copy&pase or type in its address to the address bar of your browser after domain name of your EasyMorph Server.