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KeepBetween function - It looks like there is a bug

Hello, dear EasyMorph team!

Unexplained function results have been crossed out,
Expected results are marked with a plus

Hello Ilya,

In the EasyMorph Help for the Keepbetween function (syntax:functions:keepbetween [EasyMorph Help]), the following is stated:

  • If keep_start is not found within text, all text from the start of text to keep_end.
  • If keep_end is not found within text, all text from the keep_start to the end of text is returned.
  • If neither keep_start nor keep_end are found within text, an (empty) value is returned.

That is why you are getting those results. I would say you have two options here:


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Thanks Roberto! As a result, I decided to use the second option.

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