Jaccard Similarity score

The Jaccard Similarity score of two lists is calculated in EasyMorph as the count of (unique) values in the intersection of lists divided by the count of (unique) values in merged lists. It's a degree of similarity that ranges between 0 and 1.

List intersection can be done with the "Keep/remove matching rows" action. List union can be done with the "Full join" mode. If your EasyMorph version is recent and has the "Natural merge" action, you can do both things with that action.

Here is an example:
Jaccard Similarity score.morph (9.4 KB)

One more version that works with multiple input sets (lists) and produces a matrix table with the Jaccard Similarity score for every (unique) combination of input sets. This version doesn't use merge actions.

Jaccard Similarity score.morph (8.1 KB)