"Iterate web request" Response Folder - "." relative folder (current folder) not working


I’m using an “Iterate web request” action and saving a the response as a CSV.

I want to save the CSV in the same folder as the project is located, so I’m using the dot “.”

However, this is working at times, but at other times the CSV is not being created. Why does it work at times, but it doesn’t other times?

If I change the dot for the complete path, it always works.




Try using .\

Hello Dmitry,

If I try that, I get the following error:



Another option I have is to use the normal “Web request” action, that has a different “File path” component that is allowed to be blank (and that is equivalent to the same folder).

However, I was using “Iterate Web Request” because I needed to set a URL parameter based on the value of a column.

I guess that in the normal “Web Request” action, I can also build the URL parameters directly inside the URL path (which can be set as “first value of column”), so that would be a way of getting the URL parameters that are coming from a column, and at the same time have a “Response file path” that works for the current folder, as is the case for the normal “Web Request” action.

What is the best option? (Ideally, if you could allow the “First value of column” option for URL Parameters in the “Web Request” action, or otherwise if you could allow setting the current project folder in the “Iterate Web Request” folder, either one (or both), that would be perfect :slight_smile: ).



Hello @dgudkov,

What are your thoughts on this?



Hello Roberto,

You can try to use the Iterate Web request action with the response folder option set to a calculated parameter with the following expression: system('projectdir').

That should always work. As long as the current project is saved to disk.

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