Iterate web request best practice

Hi Team
I have 3600 items that I send to web request and it takes about 38 min to provide the result.
It there any other way I can do this?

I do it in the main table.


Hi Rykie,

I assume your question was about how to make it work faster. You can speed up querying by running queries in parallel as explained here: Iterate Web Request Performance

Also, sometimes APIs can accepts arrays of elements. For instance, one request can accept and process an array of product IDs instead one ID at a time. In this case, a request should be made with an array of IDs (e.g. 1000 elements) that is prepared in EasyMorph first.

To see whether the target API endpoint supports arrays, read the API documentation. Usually, it’s explicitly stationed when an endpoint can process multiple items at a time.

Thanks, Dmitry. Yes, I am trying to speed this up.
I will do a bit of research.


Now the “Iterate web request” action can send requests in parallel. See details here: Iterate Web Request Performance - #4 by ckononenko